Martin Property Management

Property Management

Martin Property Management is located in Ames, Iowa and has been in business for over 30 years.  We manage single-family homes, duplexes, apartment complexes, and even small commercial spaces in Ames and some surrounding communities.  Our full-service property management can be customized to your needs.

We handle all maintenance requests from residents and communicate with residents to schedule maintenance.  We also offer an after-hours urgent maintenance phone number.  While we have established relationships with local electric, HVAC, and plumbing contractors, we are able to do most maintenance in-house.  This maintenance includes:

  • HVAC Troubleshooting
  • Minor Electrical (tripped breakers, GFCI outlet replacement)
  • Plumbing Issues (leaking fixtures, toilet replacement)
  • Small remodeling projects (kitchen cabinet upgrades, window & door installs)

We offer reasonable maintenance rates, as well as, management rates, which include administrative responsibilities such as, collecting rent, showing properties, and processing applications, as well as, managing and paying all property bills (taxes, insurance, rental housing fees, utilities, etc.).  In Ames, we maintain Letters of Compliance through the City of Ames Inspections Department and coordinate inspections.

We utilize Appfolio, a web-based property management software, which streamlines bookkeeping and allows us to provide financial reports throughout the year and for year-end taxes.

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