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What is CyRide?

CyRide is the Ames Iowa city bus system that functions as a collaborative effort between Iowa State University, the City of Ames, and ISU's Student Government. While students of Iowa State University, children under the age of 5, and Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) may ride the bus for free, citizens pay a small fee. 

Business Opportunities

As one of the city's primary transportation systems with a fleet of vehicles and multiple routes, CyRide offers unique business opportunities for local firms wishing to advertise with maximum exposure around the city.  

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With easy access to anywhere in the city thanks to CyRide, it's no wonder more students and professionals choose Ames when looking for Apartments to Rent! Ready to see your next home?


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CyRide Schedules and Routes

CyRide busses often feature printed material with regular bus routes and schedules. Routes are organized by color and number and each bus driver is happy to help answer any questions riders may have.

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